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Four Months. Four Walls. And a Four Day Escape.

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Wow. Four months into this. And no one knows how much longer, to what extent, and what it looks like on the other side.

It’s surreal, isn’t it?

The optimist in me holds tight onto the belief that with the world focused on a solution, we will prevail…sooner rather than later. But I also know that my optimism needs to be balanced with a shot of realism. I remind myself not be blinded with a Pollyanna response to this sobering reality.

I get it. It’s on your mind…seemingly always on your mind. Even your sleeping patterns are affected. Your work has been affected, if not totally disrupted. Your home life and leisure plans are affected…

Like you, we needed a break.

My wife and I were feeling claustrophobic. We decided it was time. So we headed west. Just a couple of hours from home and surrounded ourselves with “different” four walls of a rented VRBO. A four-day escape to the mountains of North Carolina.

With our two dogs along for the adventure, we extended the forth of July weekend.

And it felt great!

It’s interesting, isn’t it? Confined to our homes for work, home-life and our isolated recreation. Damn, I miss travel. I miss being able to visit family. I miss quite a bit. Well, I’m sure you get it.

Here’s the reality of our little trip: we drove through some beautiful mountains, walked the streets of a couple of mountain towns filled with others looking for a change of scenery as well, went for a couple of hikes, stopped off at a winery for a picnic lunch, grabbed a few simple meals, read a bit, and enjoyed some wine in the cool mountain air, while relishing the view and a little silence.

I know, not the most activity-based get-away that you may have in mind. But I will share this. It allowed us time to recharge, re-engage and just enjoy being together in a different place.

My clients know me. And we often discuss the need to recharge, decompress and remove ourselves from the routine from time to time. I lost that recently.

I look back at the past four months and realize time is not slowing down despite the damn slog of our current reality. Time will pass us by. So, for your own mental wellbeing, do what you can to change your four walls. Understand that what worked in the past may not be what will work now. But get creative. And escape!

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