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Whether you’re a business owner or key contributor to your organization, sales, marketing and business development are necessary for your success.


Oftentimes, my sales coaching clients come to me with no formal sales training or coaching experience; they never felt that it was needed. But since they are now responsible for generating revenue, cultivating key relationships and articulating their unique value to their target market, they now realize the invaluable benefits of embracing a strategic sales process.


Through my proven sales coaching and accountability process, clients are achieving profound results.


Some areas that we examine and work on together, include:

  • An “owner’s mindset”, one that elevates your perspective to a higher, more strategic level of activity and performance.

  • An understanding of your clients’ needs through relationship management and deep dialogue.

  • A clear differentiation of your products and services, and the ability to articulate this unique value to your target market.

  • A profitable and predictable stream of revenue driven by you confidently and effectively leading your clients through an authentic sales process.


I offer sales coaching and training as a one-to-one arrangement or in a group-based format for teams.

Palm Trees

Let’s get started with a complimentary discovery conversation.


Senior Consultant


Working with James has been a pleasurable and profitable experience – well worth the investment. 




Since working with James my confidence in myself and as an entrepreneur has evolved to a level I never dreamed possible. My prospective client list is growing rapidly, and sales are starting to follow. 

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