Small business owners, self-employed professionals and company leaders come to me when they sense a gap between where they are and where they desire to be in terms of results AND fulfillment.


In a way, I help these hard working successful professionals get out of their own way. Providing them a confidential resource and objective accountability partner outside their typical, and oftentimes subjective, network of colleagues, family and friends.


Let’s face it, you hold a complex and demanding role, and are oftentimes stretched in many directions. Add to this the need to consistently deliver results, maximize time and nurture key relationships…all while adding value and balancing fulfillment, is an ever-changing reality.


We must constantly navigate toward improvement opportunities in order to be more productive and strategic in the way we think, plan and take action.


Following our FASTER framework for success acceleration, we work on the most relevant areas of professional growth applicable to your needs.

Some areas of focus include:

  • Strategic clarity, planning and execution

  • Time management and prioritization

  • Sales, marketing and business development

  • Team engagement and alignment

  • Communication, negotiation and influence

  • Overall professional fulfillment and satisfaction

My clients appreciate the flexibility and tailored approach of my coaching process, which includes one-to-one sessions, virtual group platforms, fractional on-site arrangements and The Power of Positive Leadership workshops.



As a certified trainer for Jon Gordon’s The Power of Positive Leadership Training, I am proud to be able to deliver a powerful interactive learning experience that delivers positive sustainable results, and fills a pervasive need in organizations of all sizes.

Business owners and company leaders have shared with me their frustration with finding ways to further develop a more connected and committed team. They know first-hand that without on-going and enhanced leadership engagement, retention, morale and productivity all suffer. 


Through this interactive workshop you and your leadership team will…


Discover Proven Principles That Make Great Leaders Great!

The research is clear, being a positive leader is not just a nice way to lead, it’s the way to lead if you want to:

  • Build a great culture

  • Unite your organization

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Thrive through challenge and change

  • Develop a connected and committed team

  • Drive excellence and enhance performance


Let’s face it, great leaders understand that you are only viewed as a leader if others follow.


Through The Power of Positive Leadership Training you will learn skills that will enhance your leadership capability, interact with other like-minded leaders, and leave with a practical action plan to bring back to your team for immediate implementation into your own organization.


Being a positive leader not only makes you better, it makes everyone around you better.


Workshops are delivered virtually or at your location.


A group coaching and roundtable platform where we experience, explore and work together on the following:







Interaction with other like-minded professionals

Strategic thinking and planning


Leveraging resources

Aspirations and goals

Network and relationships

Discipline to focus on the highest-value activities

At minimum, our work together can lead to greater productivity, performance and results. In many cases, my clients experience a heightened sense of fulfillment, and achieve significant breakthroughs in the most relevant and meaningful areas for themselves AND their business.

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Law Practice

I do not have a board of directors, but having James helps fill that void. He challenges me with tough questions…which has allowed me to grow my business and become a more well-rounded leader. 



Law Practice

James is a fantastic business coach. He can quickly assess a company, and help develop a practical and extremely effective action plan for improving processes as well as increasing top line revenue and bottom line profitability.