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Client Spotlight with Heather Myers

Updated: Apr 6

Heather Myers talks about her business, bringing her twenty-plus years of advertising experience to her own agency and her motivation behind her decision to start working with her business coach.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am Heather Myers, Chief Media Strategist and principal at Tri-AD Media Communications. We are a media buying agency, where we bring experience and strategy to develop effective media campaigns with a research-centric approach. Our expertise allows us the ability to deliver targeted market-reach for our clients while maximizing their marketing budget. You can learn more about me and the work we do at Tri-AD by contacting me via

When and why did you launch your business?

Tri-AD was launched in January 2018 from the desire to provide the type of media buying agency I wanted to offer my clients. There was an opportunity in the market, and I knew I could provide the level of service I saw was needed. Being a business owner was the dream my husband and I shared together. The end of 2017 was the right time to take the chance and go for it! Five years later the business is thriving. We are blessed with fantastic clients who make it rewarding to come to work every day.

Who are your clients and why do they choose to work with you?

There is no such thing as a typical client. We work with businesses in various markets and industries. Regardless of the industry, our goal is to provide exceptional media campaigns that deliver results. We are 100% client-focused and base our strategy around research that provides the blueprint to our media recommendations. Aside from our expertise, our clients continue to work with Tri-AD Media because they know, from our perspective, they come first. It's about them, their business issues, and their bottom line. If we keep our focus on our clients, it’s a win-win scenario.

Tell us about working with James Pagano, your business performance coach. What brought you two together, and what value can you share about your experience?

I started working with James seven months ago, and it has been a game changer for my business. As my company approached its five-year anniversary, I knew I needed to focus on what I wanted for the next five years. Specifically, how future growth would look, as well as evaluating if the processes and people were in place for me to handle it. And that is what James helps me do... focus on the business. His knowledge and strategic thinking provide me with a solid sounding board to discuss ideas. He also challenges me to move beyond my limiting beliefs. I highly recommend James for a small business owner or corporation who want to grow. He is a tremendous asset.

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