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Sales Performance

Coaching And Training

Whether you’re a business owner or key contributor to your organization, sales, marketing and business development are necessary for your success.


Oftentimes, my sales coaching clients come to me with no formal sales training or coaching experience; they never felt that it was needed. But since they are now responsible for generating revenue, cultivating key relationships and articulating their unique value to their target market, they now realize the invaluable benefits of embracing a strategic sales process.


Through my proven sales coaching and accountability process, clients are achieving profound results.


Some areas that we examine and work on, include:

  • An “owner’s mindset”, one that elevates your perspective to a higher, more strategic level of activity and performance.

  • An understanding of your clients’ needs through relationship management and deep dialogue.

  • A clear differentiation of your products and services, and the ability to articulate this unique value to your target market.

  • A profitable and predictable stream of revenue driven by you confidently and effectively leading your client-prospects through an authentic sales process.


My clients appreciate the tailored approach to my group sales training and coaching. One-to-one sales coaching is also available. 


A group coaching and roundtable platform where we experience, explore and work together on the following:







Interaction with other like-minded professionals

Strategic thinking and planning


Leveraging resources

Aspirations and goals

Network and relationships

Discipline to focus on the highest-value activities

At minimum, our work together can lead to greater productivity, performance and results. In many cases, my clients experience a heightened sense of fulfillment, and achieve significant breakthroughs in the most relevant and meaningful areas for themselves AND their business.

Rocky Coast

Let’s get started with a complimentary discovery conversation.

Please contact me so that we can arrange a convenient time to talk.


Vice President

Marketing/Product Strategy

James is highly knowledgeable and professional, but more importantly possesses the right amount of guidance and follow-through to help career oriented individuals meet their goals.  


Strategy Leader


James has an innate ability and passion to implement profitable strategies, lead a team and drive results. He brings a unique perspective to his practice – one that combines his successes as both business owner and corporate leader. 

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