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As a self-employed entrepreneur, I’m sure you find it rewarding to run your own business. But from time-to-time, do you ever feel a little stuck or overwhelmed...even a bit isolated? 

Many aspects of running your own business can lead to these challenges, including:

  • Stresses of juggling multiple demands at any given time

  • Lack of a clear and validated vision, direction and strategy

  • Insignificant or uninspiring aspirations and goals

  • Lack of resources to leverage key areas for business growth

  • Limited resources for collaboration and confidential conversation

Add to this list the very likely reality that from time to time you may find yourself feeling isolated and alone…on an island. Think about it. Despite the fact that there are many people in your support network, situations arise when a friend, colleague, spouse, or other personal relationship are just not the right resources to lean on for an objective perspective regarding specific business challenges, ideas and strategies. 

If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many self-employed professionals feel the same way…and there is a solution.


Entrepreneurs, like you…those who roll up their sleeves, push hard, and pour their heart into it every day, come to me for executive-level coaching designed to help them navigate toward a higher level of success AND fulfillment.

ISLAND® is a group coaching and roundtable platform where we experience, explore and work together on the following:







Interaction with other like-minded professionals

Strategic thinking and planning


Leveraging resources

Aspirations and goals

Network and relationships

Discipline to focus on the highest-value activities

At minimum, our work together can lead to greater productivity, performance and sustainable results. In many cases, my clients experience a heightened sense of fulfillment, and achieve significant breakthroughs in the most relevant and meaningful areas of their business AND for themselves.


What’s included?

This approachable format is designed to deliver value through a powerful and proven coaching process along with relevant strategic dialog and on-going professional accountability.


The ISLAND® group coaching model is a four-month engagement, and includes the following:

  • Eight (8) bi-weekly group coaching roundtable sessions over a four month timeframe (group size is capped at four (4) participants). 

  • A private coaching session to review your DISC assessment. DISC is a powerful and widely recognized tool for self-awareness: providing insight into our natural behavioral tendencies, our communication style, our core strengths, and more.

  • Open access to me with 24 to 48-hour response to phone, text, and email requests (questions, clarification, sounding board, etc.).

  • If you desire, additional private one-to-one sessions can be added to this group format for a more tailored approach. 


What’s the


This is a four-month commitment. Sessions are group-based which requires all participants to adhere to an agreed-upon schedule.


Coaching involves a commitment from both sides of the table: coach and client. With this in mind, what you derive from our sessions will highly depend on what you bring to the process. It’s important that you agree to make a sincere and well-intended work commitment to the process, to any assignments, and to the group itself.


Let’s get started with a complimentary discovery conversation.

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