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Small business owners can be at a tremendous disadvantage in terms of access to professional development resources.

It can feel isolating.


Let’s close that gap…and escape the island.


As a business performance coach, my goal is to help my clients achieve their goals…AND accelerate their success!


My clients appreciate my approach and level of commitment. Some have described my style as firm and on-point, yet empathetic and guiding. 


The bottom line is I enjoy working with business owners and company leaders who roll up their sleeves, push hard and pour their hearts into it every day. 


When results and fulfillment just don’t seem to be aligning with the amount of effort my clients are putting in, we go to work together. 


Collaboratively, we dig into a powerful continuous improvement process that is designed to help busy entrepreneurs navigate toward clarity and capacity to focus on what is most critical, relevant and rewarding to them.


The most valuable takeaway…desired results prove achievable, significant, and perhaps most important, sustainable. 




Commercial Insurance

Through James’ program, we have experienced measurable progress toward our individual revenue goals as well as team alignment. James delivers a powerful mix of a proven process and practical experience that you can confidently apply to your own practice. 



CPA Firm

James is fantastic, and I believe he has been integral in furthering my business success. The accountability, goal setting and mentoring he brings to the table is invaluable, especially for a small business owner…when there is no one else at the top to work with on these aspects.  



Alternative Healthcare

James is a must for any business owner. He is quite simply, amazing. If you are even thinking of a coach, call him and have a conversation. James is superior at explaining and guiding. 


Image by Clay Banks

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